Last week was our ABCi English-week. Four native speakers from Australia, Ireland and England came and we learned to use English in everyday situations. We acted, played games and tried some different sports to learn speaking the language more casually. On the last day we got a certificate, which tells what skills we learned.

The best thing about ABCi was, that we could try different sports in our English week. It was awesome and we had a lot of fun. Also the songs we sang and the games we played were great!  My favorite song was “The bear hunt” and the coolest game was  ”21”. The acting was great too. On the last day we made delicious pancakes and performed sketches in front of the other groups. (Simon Grill, 2nd form)

The ABCi week was amazing! The people from the ABCi team are not teachers they are like our new best friends: you can have such a deep conversation with them. My group and I made pancakes this week, we obviously had to bring all the ingredients but they turned out great. It was cool that we did different games outside. They were kind of cool. The best thing was the acting: we were in little groups and the acting was so much fun. We learnt something but it was fun at the same time……. (Emilie Raich, 2nd form)